Log 2014-09-07 : Quick (shaky) video and some hard data

Here's a quick video of the Sequana at our club's pond in Velizy-Vilacoublay. Not the best footage (sailing and filming at the same time is quite challenging, especially with the lousy grip a cell phone has to offer):

The main point here is actually some hard data I collected this afternoon. I got this Turnigy 2-in-1 Power meter/Servo meter. I decided to measure the actual power draw of the brushless outrunner in the Sequana.

Current setup is described in the bill of materials. In short: 3542-800KV brushless outrunner from HobbyKing, Trackstar 1/10th 60A car ESC, 6V 7.2Ah SLA battery.

The Sequana was running with the "standard" Type #147 Raboesch 40mm 4-blade propeller (not the "heavy towing" #174 45mm 4-blade prop).

While the 2.20A figure (~1.50A for the motor itself) is in line with the battery life I get, I'm a little surprised by the full throttle figure. I assumed it would be a little less.

I'll get the same measurements with the "heavy towing" wide blade #174 prop next time. Power draw should be significantly higher.