Log 2014-03-29 : Lettering and recovery rig

Name on transom

Name on transom

Lettering is a little BIG

Recovery rig for fast-elecrics

Recovery rig for fast-elecrics

Made of simple PVC 32mm pipes

Behold the beast !

Behold the beast !

Quite wide to accomodate a bigger cat I'm working on.

Lettering - Name

I got the vinyl letterings I ordered online for the Sequana and the Odin.

Most custom letterings are usually at least 15mm high as they are cut from vinyl. Lettering show above is "positive": letters were cut from vinyl and applied to transom. I also got the same lettering as a stencil if vinyl proves unsatisfactory. Boat name would then be painted using the vinyl stencil. Time will tell.

I also have letterings for the wheelhouse: a close approximation of the logo for CFT - Compagnie Fluviale de Transport, the leading French river transport company.

Recovery rig

I have a fast-electric 29" catamaran, the Blackjack 29 from Proboat. Under ideal conditions it can go up to 70km/h (40mph+). At that pace it doesn't take much for the boat to blow over.

If you're lucky the boat will end its little air-show right-side up but Murphy usually begs to disagree.

Or the flex shaft could also snap turning your boat into a buoy, essentially.

With some maneuvering the cat can be pushed back to shore with the springer but you have to get the "sweet spot" on the catamaran hull or else you'll just spin the boat around. Things get more complicated when flipped boat is 50m out ...

This basic rig is supposed to make this easier and act like a pitch-fork. I'll just have to line up the springer/rig with the stern of the fast-electric and "catch it".

Rig was built in an hour or so with 32mm PVC pipes and bends. A simple piece of rope hooks around the front bollard for easy install/removal.

Foam will act as fendering and also provide extra buoyancy (rig is sealed and will float on its own).

Today's quick test showed maneuverability remains very decent.