Build log 2014-02-23 : Bulwark complete, onboard video

Handrail was installed on bulwark. CA glue on wood is quite unforgiving: handrail ended up slightly off to one side. Had to sand it so that it looks less off.

Epoxy fillets on all joints. And three coats of G4 polyurethane marine primer to have everything waterproof. And off to the pond with the Gopro camera right where the wheelhouse should sit. Watch in HD!

Same video minus the music is available here. Both are available for download (for hardcore springer fans!) as MP4 HD videos of higher quality.

Today's run confirmed my run time "guestimation" from trials: I got around 1hr 45min off of the 7.2Ah 6V battery. Still some juice in the battery but lead batteries don't like deep discharges (6.35V end voltage while full discharge is at 6.0V). Plus it was getting chilly as the sun set.