Build log 2014-01-31

Though this is the first entry in the build log, "lots of" work is already done as I failed to document previous stages.

Hull is complete with propulsion and steering installed.

Hull, deck and hatches have been waterproofed inside out with Yachcare G4 marine primer/varnish. Five coats of primer were applied: first coat was thinned +100% (to soak the wood), second coat +50% and then last three coats were "pure" G4.

Interior of the hull is padded with hook & loop (velcro) so that I can adjust the layout as I wish (or need). ESC and receiver will be "taped" to the side of the hull.

Hull & deck

Hull & deck

Hull, deck, hatches and RC components

Side view of the hull

Side view of the hull

Hull with Raboesch prop and rudder

Hull & deck

Hull & deck

Black 'strips' inside the hull are hook&loop (Velcro)

Bottom of the hull

Bottom of the hull

Four-blade 40mm Raboesch brass prop and wood rudder

I have completed steps #1 through #13 and #15-#16 of the instruction manual.

Base assembly was done with Titebood III waterproof wood glue.

Epoxy "fillets" were poured on most hull joints to strengthen the hull and fill any gaps. I used 30-min epoxy I mixed by weight to get the right ratio. Hull was warmed up with a hair dryer which makes epoxy more fluid on contact. Keep in mind that warming-up epoxy will make it cure faster (30-min epoxy actually turns into 15-min epoxy). The process is a little time-consuming as you have to wait until epoxy has cured before the boat can be moved to treat another joint.

I epoxy-ed extra wooden beams (*cough* ice-cream sticks *cough*) to the bottom and sides of the hull. This combined with the marine primer made the hull very strong.

You can clearly see the messed-up rudder servo mounting plate. For some reason, I glued the plate the wrong way onto the supporting plate (which rests on the bottom of the hull). I then doubled down on the stupid. Of course when I much later lined the deck with the hull I saw my error: one end of the servo would be under the deck with the mounting screws unreachable ...

Mounting plate was cut and with some plywood leftovers I corrected my error. Looks horrible but the epoxy-soaked plywood won't fail!

Rudder is made of a simple brass shaft with three layers of plywood. It is then sanded to a streamlined profile (more of less ...).

As described in the bill of materials the 6-cell 7.2V NIMH battery, OrangeRX 6-channel receiver and Turnigy brushless ESC can be seen in the pics.

Both the motor shaft and prop shaft had to be trimmed to get them to fit inline.

Next step: getting the right amout of ballast in the right place (with hook & loop). I'll the epoxy the deck onto the hull.