The Sequana is a springer tug (approx 1/14th scale). Actually a Ramborator kit from German RC models company Aero-Naut.

Here are the "official" pictures for the Ramborator.

Sequana is the gallo-roman goddess of the river Seine. As this is a river boat and I mostly run my boats on the Lac supérieur in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, it felt appropriate - tough the pond itself is not connected to the Seine ...

I try to name my boats with names of my choosing instead of going for the proposed name from the manufacturer as my boats are not 100% scale models anyway.


What you need to make it run

The Ramborator kit comes with lots of parts and fitting. You'll obviously still need to get stuff on your own

Here's a list of materials I used for my springer tug. The build log below also describes some of the tools and products I used.

Build log

I actually failed to take any pictures until the hull and deck were ready as I didn't plan on keeping a build log. I'll try to document further steps from now on.

2014-01-31 : Hull and deck
Hull and deck, with coamings and hatches are ready for assembly. Propulsion is installed.
2014-02-11 : Mock installation of lead ballast
Bath trial with the freshly delivered lead ingots.
2014-02-16 : Hull and deck glued together, first trials
Deck epoxyed onto the hull, cramed a 6V lead-acid battery in the hull and off to the pond ...
2014-02-19 : Bulwark pre-assembled with CA glue
Bulwark and stanchions were prepped, glued with CA but the whole assembly is not glue to the deck yet.
2014-02-23 : Bulwark complete and waterproofed, onboard footage
No pics of the tug but some decent onboard footage from today's trip to the pond.
2014-03-01 : Priming of the hull and deck ...
Plain flat color of primer reveals all of the many flaws in the hull and deck. Nice.
2014-03-03 : Hull and deck paint
Not as nice as I hoped but heck this is a work boat !
2014-03-29 : Letterings and recovery rig
Letterings were applied on transom. Quick trip to the pond to test a recovery rig with tug.
2014-04-30 : Wheelhouse 3D modeling
Why not print the wheelhouse, eh ?
2014-05-06 : Wheelhouse printing
Time to see what it looks like in the real world
2014-05-31 : Interim wheelhouse ...
"I work best under pressure" ...
2014-09-07 : A lousy video and some data
Actual power draw figures from the current brushless setup
2014-11-10 : Dusk sailing and some more data
Power draw with 45mm #174 4-blade Raboesch prop
2015-04-03 : Brushless gimbal
Behold The Thing