Build log 2014-11-28 : Wheelhouse, at last!

More finishing work this week end. The wheelhouse model that had been printed a few weeks back was finally installed on the tug. Just some minor sanding was required and wheelhouse is now snug on the upper deck.

Glazing was glued in place a few weeks back. Questionable choice on my part ... Had to spend quite some time to mask everything.

And now some lousy cell-phone pics !

3D-printed Wheelhouse

3D-printed Wheelhouse

Handrails on top of wheelhouse like the Gruno V and Taucher O. Wulf 5

3D-printed Wheelhouse

3D-printed Wheelhouse

Glazing already glued in and masked off

We decided to add handrails on top of the wheelhouse. Although not shown on the kit's plans, the original tugs (Gruno V and Taucher O. Wulf 5) have them. I have to source or print a ladder.

Wheelhouse 3D model was designed on a 3D model of the upper deck to make sure it would fit. Only some minor sanding was required (mostly because deck paint added a bit of thickness) and the wheelhouse fits snuggly.

Wheelhouse was printed in ABS and was sanded (3D-printed surfaces tend to be "wrinkled") but it will probably require one or two coats of primer with #600 sanding.

I have yet to come up with the interior of the wheelhouse but this can be done later.