Build log 2013-12-01

After the initial assessment back in November, I took some "homework" with me in Paris: the rear hatch cover (over the rudder servo).

Base plate is vacuum-molded ABS with small ABS (1.5mm section) beams glued underside to center / fit the part to the coaming on the deck.

Rear hatch

Rear hatch

Rear hatch cover, pine duckboards and brass railing

Duckboards is made of small strips of pine wood cut to length. Two coats of wood stain were applied to finished duckboards.

This being my first experience with brass wire forming, I have to admit I struggled a little bit (*cough cough*). Railing stanchions have to go through the duckboards and through the ABS hatch cover. Instead of soldering (or more likely failing to solder) the brass wire I used some plastic tubing as a sheath. Doesn't look as nice as some proper soldering but it seemed a safer option considering my skills (or lack thereof).

Hatch cover was painted grey (RAL 7001 - silver grey). Paint is a tad darker than I expected. Might have gone a shade lighter but still acceptable.

All in all, this very unimpressive assembly took me around 20 hours from start to finish.