Robbe Odin - Harbor tug 1/25th scale

The Odin is a German harbor tug (1/25th scale) from German RC models company Robbe.

Saddly Robbe discontinued most of its boat kits including the Odin.

Build was actually started around the year 2000 as a teenager, with my father. With high school and then engineering school, the project was shelved more than a decade ago.

After all these years in drydocks (aka collecting dust at my parents' basement) I decided to resume work on the Odin.

Model info

Robbe based the Odin on an actual tug design from the late 1960s.


Build log

Early steps (hull, propulsion/kort, deck ...) were done years back and weren't documented back then.

2013-11 : Assessment
Back in November 2013 I took a quick look at the boat.
2013-12 : Rear hatch
Some "detail" work on the rear hatch.
2014-01-02 : Scratch the old paint off and start over ...
While our original paint job looked decent (at least on the hull), it was actually deeply flawed ...
2014-03-02 : Superstructure, FiFi and smoke generator
Work on the superstructure, some "mechanics" for the fire monitor, ...
2014-04-05 : 3D modeling and 3D printing of missing wheelhouse
Second 3D model of missing wheelhouse and first 3D print ...
2014-04-09 : Adding doors to the wheelhouse
Basic modeling and test print
2014-04-17 : More wheelhouse modeling and printing
New test print, with hinges
2014-05-12 : Detail work and wiring
The Devil is in the detail ...
2014-06-04 : New wheelhouse 3D model
Start over from scratch.
2014-08-19 : Paint, lights, wiring !
Looking a bit more like a tug now.
2014-11-28 : Wheelhouse, at last !
3D-printed wheelhouse installed
2014-12-01 : Wheelhouse paint, fenders
Last "major" paint job. And a bunch of tyres.
2015-01-05 : Launch day !
Will it float ?