Here's my 3D-printed micro springer project. Unimaginatively named Microspringer.

With already a few projects at hand, why not add more distraction and work on an extra project ?

Anyways after I built the Sequana I developed a fondness for those small truckable push boats.

Their very basic hulls also make them easy to model, especially for someone who has little CAD experience (= me).

Hull is essentially a scaled down "regulation compliant" springer hull with some adjustments.



While I intend to 3D-print most parts, there's a few things you'll need to source elsewhere.

Here's a list of materials to get a microspringer running. YMMV

Design & Build log

2014-11-15 : Hull design
Hull design is complete. Deck, hatches, bulwark need more work.
2014-11-20 : Hull: first print
First print of the hull.
2014-11-23 : Hull: "Hydrodynamic tests"
Prototype hull on the pond!
2014-12-07 : New hull design, RC components
Improved (lighter) hull with RC components installed
2014-12-13 : Wheelhouse and bollards
More printing
2014-12-17 : Locking tabs
Holding the superstructure / wheelhouse in place.
2014-12-30 : Handrails, paint & fenders
Almost done
2015-01-05 : Launch day !
Microspringer was launched along the Odin.
2015-01-21 : Microspringer travelling abroad
Microspringer was stuffed in my suitcase when I went on a trip on container ship Jork.

I want one !

I've written some instructions along the 3D model files.