Vap'IDF 2015 - MCCR & Arc-en-ciel - May 9th and 10th 2015

Vap'IDF is a joint event put together by the MCCR and the Arc-en-ciel model club and focuses on live steam boats.

We had over forty live steam boats of all types (and a couple of live steam trucks).

Over the two days boats are taken trough various challenges: agility courses, docking, pushing a giant floating cube through a set course and of course a speed race on Sunday.

Here's a video of the speed race on Sunday. Quite intense - see for yourself !

Watch in HD ! Video can also be downloaded (right click / Save as; 781MB - 1080p@50) if you want higher quality.

My springer tug Sequana was fitted with a GoPro camera on a brushless gimbal.

Stay tuned for the onboard footage.

As always the springer proved itself extremely reliable and useful.

Here are photo albums by other participants or attendees: