2015-02-15 : Assembly continues ...

Back in January most assembly was done with two main units: hull and deck.

Everything was thoroughly coated with Yachtcare G4 primer (FR EN) just like the Sequana. G4 is a single-component polyurethane primer. Although quite thin out of the can I thinned it further with PU-thinner (+100%) for the first coats to really soak the plywood.

A new coat can be applied as soon as the previous coat is tack free (around 2 hours) but before resin has cured. 7 coats were applied with the last three coat being "pure" G4.

G4 has a slightly yellow tint and will darken the wood. G4 will turn even more yellow/dark when exposed to UV but this isn't an issue here as it will be painted over. Yachtcare now has G8 which is insensitive to UV but significantly more expensive.

Both assemblies were then left to cure for three weeks.

Freshly baked bollards

Freshly baked bollards

Yes - that's how it's made

Hull and deck

Hull and deck

G4 primer and some fiberglass

Deck underside

Deck underside

Bollards epoxyed in place

Deck installation

Deck installation

With epoxy - of course


Bollards were made from OD 10mm/ID 8mm and OD 8mm/ID 6mm copper tubing. A simple jig was made from plywood to have a somewhat consistent center-to-center distance. Got some flux and solder and we had a blow-torch laying around. Even on a drill press getting centered holes was quite tricky (and some of the bollards are a bit off ...).

Soot was sanded off and bollards were washed with water and were then dried in the oven (low temp).

I'll 3D-print small "caps" to close the tubes.


I laid some fiber glass on a few areas I consider "critical". I got some marine laminating epoxy and 100g/m² fiberglass cloth. Things turned out decent for a first attempts

Laminating epoxy is very thin which is great for its intended use: laminating. But I had to get filler (#406 Colloidal Silica from West System) to thicken it to make nice fillets on most joints.

Deck was epoxyed in place and is now curing overnight. I'll add extra fillets of epoxy from the inside to strenghten everything up.

And I'll lay some fiberglass from the outside. 100g/m² cloth first and then 50g/m² for finishing.

But it looks like I might be short on epoxy. When I got that 450g pack (300g resin, 150g hardener) I thought I'd have plenty. But even with minimal waste (I only prepare small < 30g batches) I've probably already spent half to two-thirds of the resin.