General purpose barge

I've decided to build a simple barge as a companion to my springer tug Sequana and to some extend to my tug Odin.

Requirments are


This project will also serve as an excuse for me to fiddle with SketchUp and possibly other 3D modeling software.

My barge design skills are on par with my 3D modeling skills: close de nil...

2014-03-14 : First attempt at barge modeling
More of a SketchUp tutorial than real barge designing ...
2014-03-25 : Second design / 3D model
Longer version based on plywood panels seen at home improvement store
2014-03-27 : 2nd design with springer tug
Quick 3D model of my Sequana springer to see how that would look
2014-04-12 : More 3D modeling and some "analog" stuff
New 3D model to get "blueprints" and the off to the home improvement store to get plywood
2014-08-03 : 3D Modeling and CNC milling
Final design and first milled parts
2015-01-25 : Assembly begins !
At last ...
2015-02-15 : Assembly continues ...
I love epoxy !
2015-02-27 : First trials
Looks good
2015-07-26 : Some paint
Will need some fixing though ...